Seasonal Spotlight

I'm Ok

By Patti Kim

“At once heartbreaking and hilarious, I’m Ok is the fall middle grade novel you can’t miss. Ok’s father has just passed away, and he and his mother are struggling to fill the financial hole he left behind. This smart and tenacious ten-year-old feels it’s his responsibility to help pay the bills for his mother so she doesn’t have to date the brown-nosing deacon at their Korean church. Through his attempts to make money, Ok wonders if he really fits into his world at home and at school, even as he makes friends who try to help him see the good in himself. Author Patti Kim brings a much-needed new voice to contemporary middle grade in this moving story about grief, poverty, and learning to trust yourself and those around you.”

A Heart in a Body in the World

By Deb Caletti

A Heart in a Body in the World has characters that will stay with you and a message that feels all the more vital in today’s climate. Annabelle has always been a runner, but she’s never spontaneously embarked on a cross-country journey before. Then again, before last year, she’s never had to experience a terrible tragedy at the hands of someone like “The Taker.” Annabelle’s progression as an unintentional activist resonates on a multitude of levels, reminding us how it feels to be afraid, to seek hope, to want answers, to lean on friends, family, and even strangers—and, most importantly, the good that can come from pushing back against circumstance in your own way.”

Nonfiction for the Classroom


50 Women and Girls Who Shook Up the World

By Katherine Halligan

Illustrated by Sarah Walsh

Celebrate fifty inspiring and powerful women who changed the world and left their mark in this lavishly illustrated biography compilation that’s perfect for fans of Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls and She Persisted. From astronauts to activists, musicians to mathematicians, these women are sure to motivate young readers of all backgrounds to focus not on the can’ts and shouldn’ts, but on what they can do: anything!

Kaleidosocope diversity spotlight


By Sharon M. Draper

Eleven-year-old Isabella’s blended family is more divided than ever in this thoughtful story about divorce and racial identity from the award‑winning and New York Times bestselling author of Out of My Mind, Sharon M. Draper. It seems like nothing can bring Isabella’s family together again—until the worst happens. Isabella and her dad’s girlfriend’s son are stopped by the police. A cell phone is mistaken for a gun. And shots are fired.