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Fall 2022 Staff Shout Outs!
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Fall 2021 Staff Shout Outs!
How Ruth Mason Discovered Fossils in Her Own Backyard
By Julia Lyon • Illustrated by Alexandra Bye
Nicole's Pick!
As someone who really loved learning about dinosaurs as a child, I wish this book was around when I was younger because I know I would have jumped to read it! This gorgeously illustrated picture book tells the story of Ruth Mason, who discovered dinosaur bones in her backyard in South Dakota in the early 1900s. She knew she found something special, so she kept trying to learn more and tell others about her discoveries. When Ruth was in her 80s, after years of outreach to museums telling them about the fossils, people finally realized what an important contribution she had sitting in her yard, proving that years of determination really can pay off in the end.
HC: 9781534474642; EB: 9781534474635; Ages 4–8; Grades P–3; October 2021; Margaret K. McElderry Books
Michelle's Pick!
There were so many things I loved about Gayle Forman’s debut middle grade, Frankie & Bug, a story of allyship set in 1980s Venice Beach, California. Personally, what resonated with me the most was the circle of friends that became family. Frankie, Bug, her mom and brother, along with neighbors Phillip and Hedvig formed strong, loving bonds that carried them through a challenging summer. We should all be so lucky to be part of such a tight-knit group!
HC: 9781534482531; EB: 9781534482555; EA: 9781797129563; Ages 8—12; Grades 3–7; October 2021; Aladdin
By Kathi Appelt • Illustrated by Eric Rohmann
Amys Pick!
For a touching, heartwarming story filled with adventure and interesting facts, check out Kathi Appelt’s newest middle grade novel, Once Upon a Camel. Zada has had quite the interesting life, but she’s more than ready to settle down for a few quiet sunset years. But a big sandstorm raging across the Texas desert blows away her kestrel friends, and she’s left to keep their little chicks safe. To keep them calm, Zada tells stories of her long life as a racing camel and working to help build a highway from Texas to California, making friends with the chicks’ parents, and even saving a cougar from danger! You’ll fall in love with Zada, and root for them as they struggle to make it through the storm.
HC: 9781534406438; EB: 9781534406452; EA: 9781797135649; Ages 8–12; Grades 3–7; September 2021; Atheneum/Caitlyn Dlouhy Books
Part of Aristotle and Dante
Ana's Pick!
Diving into this much anticipated sequel was like meeting up with long lost friends: comforting and joyful. Benjamin Alire Sáenz has once again given us a beautiful and honest story that radiates tenderness, radical acceptance, and inimitable empathy. Beginning immediately after the first book ends, Ari and Dante must now face new challenges, and with the unending support of their friends, families, and Legs, try and make their own way in the world together and separately. To orbit this universe again is to experience all of the emotions possible, from infatuation to affection, to the depths of grief, and to know the true power and importance of love in all its forms.
HC: 9781534496194; EB: 9781534496217; EA: 9781797128498; Ages 14 & up; Grades 9 & up; October 2021; Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers