Let the Games Begin!


In this seventh chapter book in the fantastical Kingdom of Wrenly series, Clara sets out to prove that girls can be knights too.

Prince Lucas


Lucas is the prince of the Kingdom of Wrenly. He lives in the palace with his mom, Queen Tasha, and dad, King Caleb.


Prince Lucas’s favorite subject is math because he loves to add and subtract. His favorite thing to do is go on adventures with his best friend, Clara, and his horse, Ivan.


Prince Lucas wasn’t always allowed to be friends with Clara. The King forbade them from playing with each other because Lucas is a prince and Clara is a peasant. Once he saw how unhappy and lonely his son was, King Caleb allowed Clara and Lucas to be friends again.

The Kingdom of Wrenly


The Kingdom of Wrenly gets its name from the all wrens that live there. Wrens are small brown birds that twitter in the treetops. Four magical kingdoms surround Wrenly. Primlox is ruled by the fairies, Hobsgrove is the island of the wizards, Burth is the home of the trolls, and Crestwood is home to the kingdom’s dragons.

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Word Search


Word Scramble

Design a Shield



Clara Gills


Clara has traveled all over the kingdom helping her dad deliver bread. As a result, she knows the kingdom well and always acts as the guide when she and Lucas go out on adventures.


Clara loves collecting polished shells: riding her horse, Scallop: and going on adventures with Prince Lucas!


Scallop was Clara’s reward for finding Queen Tasha’s lost emerald, which had fallen into the sea. Clara asked the mermaids for help. The mermaids found the emerald and left it in a scallop shell on the beach. That’s why Clara named her horse Scallop!

   elcome to The Kingdom of Wrenly, where our main characters—Lucas, the

 eight year-old prince, and Clara, the daughter of the queen's seamstress—reside!


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