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Hannah Braaten
Senior Editor
Hannah started at Gallery Books in 2020. She most recently worked at St. Martin’s Press, where she published authors including Tan France, Liz Plank, Matthew Dicks, and Kelly Carlin. After graduating from Wellesley College, Hannah attended the Columbia Publishing Course, but her career in the book industry dates back to before her freshman year of high school, where she worked at independent bookstores in and around Boston. At Gallery, her authors include Christina Lauren, Simone Gorrindo, Julia Kelly, Allison Larkin, Mary Alice Monroe, Elissa Strauss, and J.R. Ward.

Hannah likes to have one foot in the nonfiction world, and the other in fiction—she loves any book that endeavors to change her mind, shows her an aspect of the world that she hasn’t considered, and has a strong narrative voice. The fiction she’s most drawn to usually contains a singular, unforgettable narrator, is driven by a strong plot, and if it makes her laugh or cry (or both!), she’s sold. Hannah’s nonfiction list tends to be either pop-culture focused or goes deep on an issue of the day. A book that feels like the next piece of the societal, cultural conversation of the day is catnip to her—especially if it’s one that readers from all areas of the country (or world) can read and relate to.